Kisi ki bewafai par mujhe rona akharta hai,
Khud apni zaat ke qaatil ko bhi khona akharta hai;

Mujhe ek khauf barso’n se bichadne ka daraata tha,
Magar is khauf se baahar bhi ab hona akharta hai;



Achcha karte hue kharab hua,
Usko is tarah se sawab hua.

Woh jo andar se toota baitha tha,
Main jo toota to woh sarab hua…

Sarab – Mirage

Bhool Jao

Bhool jaayei’n ki jo hua so hua,
Bhool jaayei’n ki hum mile the kabhi;
Yaad rakhne ki ab zarurat kya,
Bhool jaayei’n ki silsile the kabhi…

Bhool jaayei’n ki ishq laazim tha,
Bhool jaayei’n ki tu muhaafiz tha;
Bhool jaayei’n ki teri baanho’n mein,
Reh ke bhi tu mera hua na hua…

Ab haqeeqat ko maan lete hain,
Yeh jo lamhei’n hain jaan lete hain;
Par khudara hamari aankho’n se,
Khawab dhalke dhua’n hua na hua…


Kisko khabar hai kisne guzaari hai kis tarah,
Ek zindagi jo guzari hai bas intezaar mein;

Achche dino’n ka kuch to tajurba humein bhi tha,
Jis bakht ki ummeed ko guzari fishaar mein;

Aayenge ek roz bharosa humein bhi hai,
Warna to jaan dete hum unke hisaar mein.

کس کو خبر ہے کسنے گزاری ہے کس طرح
ایک زندگی جو گزری ہے بس انتظار میں۔

اچھے دنوں کا کچھ تو تجربا ہمیں بھی تھا
جس بخت کی اُمیّد کو گزری فشار میں۔

اَینگے ایک روز بھروسا ہمیں بھی ہے
ورنا تو جان دیتا ہم اُنکی حِسار میں۔


Bahut honge hamari tarah jo yeh chaahte honge,
Tumhara qurb o aseeri tumse maangte honge;

Tamanna unki bhi hogi tumhare pass ki,
Khawab le ke jo raatein guzaarte honge;

Hasrat dil mein hogi dast e naazuk ko pakad baithei’n,
Aankho’n ke kinaaro’n se jo tumko jhaankte honge.

بہت ہونگے ہماری طرح جو یہ چاہتے ہونگے
تمہارا قرب و اسیری تمسے مانگتے ہونگے۔

تمنّا اُنکی بھی ہوگی تمہارے پاس اَنے کی
خواب لے کے جو راتیں گزارتے ہونگے۔

حسرت دل میں ہوگی دستِ نازک کو پکڑ بیٹھے،
اَنکھوں کے کناروں سے جو تمکو جھانکتے ہونگے۔ 


There is no point to cry over the misfortunes of the past but to celebrate the blessings of present. Those days, many moons ago, when you were bursting with your dreams of love, drunk in the idea of forever which felt like life, I was there too, watching you secretly but invisible to your eyes, unknown to your sight. How strange it was, seeing you hesitantly and gradually pulling away my eyes with a heavy sigh. Those days when everything seemed restless, the grass under your feet, the air which you would walk through. Your walks, they were quick and pacy as if you wanted to grab every object of your admiration with both hands. I was there, witnessing your innocence slowly falling away. The trepid moving into the abyss into a known uncertainty. And when all those days of ‘watching’ you from behind the woods of Banyan tree began to fade and its leaves were shed and crushed to dust, in that autumn many years ago inside my heart I found a little fondness. Destiny, I may call, you knocked me over after years in the spring. You become the most fortunate incidents, an event of my ‘Ordinary’ Life and in a moment, with a touch of magic, I become ‘Extra Ordinary’.


Have you ever waited for more than three years for someone, for they have promised to come. For they have taught you that they’re proud of you. For they have spoken that this love of you is what makes them breath. That you shall not ever break this belief. And you hold all words closest to your heart because you don’t see anything but them in your sleep or when you are awake or when you are thinking or when you are occupied, not for a moment they go out of your mind, where every passing minute is a decade, a lifetime.

The Lovers

We are not trees which shed their leaves in autumn and then spring comes and new flowers blossom. We are two lovers. Two lovers in deep love. The ache of one pains the other. The tears hurt like shrapnel. We love each other and we cannot undo the most beautiful feeling we nourished in every weather, be it summers, winters, autumn or spring. We have faced and stayed together to bloom. 


Isn’t it the saddest things,
You want her but she is not there.

You close your eyes and you see her face,
in dreams you walk with her,
talk to her and you both laugh together.

And then suddenly,
you open your eyes and she is nowhere.

Only in thoughts, only in the lights in the dark.
Like a shadow she walks, beside you, along with you.

But she is not. She is far.
Your thoughts can reach, your eyes cannot see.

Your mind can travel, your fingers cannot unravel.
She is a mystery. What’s our Chemistry?

I call her poetry but She is a story.