There is no point to cry over the misfortunes of the past but to celebrate the blessings of present. Those days, many moons ago, when you were bursting with your dreams of love, drunk in the idea of forever which felt like life, I was there too, watching you secretly but invisible to your eyes, unknown to your sight. How strange it was, seeing you hesitantly and gradually pulling away my eyes with a heavy sigh. Those days when everything seemed restless, the grass under your feet, the air which you would walk through. Your walks, they were quick and pacy as if you wanted to grab every object of your admiration with both hands. I was there, witnessing your innocence slowly falling away. The trepid moving into the abyss into a known uncertainty. And when all those days of ‘watching’ you from behind the woods of Banyan tree began to fade and its leaves were shed and crushed to dust, in that autumn many years ago inside my heart I found a little fondness. Destiny, I may call, you knocked me over after years in the spring. You become the most fortunate incidents, an event of my ‘Ordinary’ Life and in a moment, with a touch of magic, I become ‘Extra Ordinary’.


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