I believed I could never feel love again. Not a love with such intimacy. Not a love with a connection that transcends time. That no man’s love could make me feel so free. No man would ever find a way to convince me to love once more, tear down the walls placed there to shield my heart. Because this type of love isn’t real. My dreams were nothing but stardust.

Then, you came along quite by accident, so I had believed. Now I realize it is just part of God’s plan for us. It is our story. Through our friendship and understanding we tenderly taught one another the sweet ways of love. Raw, pure, and genuine love. You are my safe place and while others may not want safe, I do. Because within your loving embrace, I am me. Wild and free and as we both know, feeling safe with one another opens many possibilities to explore and enjoy. I became lost in the sweet rapture of your kisses. Our fiercely passionate, yet tender love continues to show us how our souls collide together and we fit as one. 

I know now all your tomorrows will have the other half of my heartbeat. I know now all of my tomorrows will have the other half of yours. This is our story… This is “US.”


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