My mind, my heart, every pore of my being is so much absorbed in remembrance of you that I do not know anything beyond you.

With you, my lust and love is so much in sync that it is hard to differentiate the classic with the modern romance.

I seek you all the time. Your presence around. And once you are with me my whole body aches to find its place inside you.

My relationship with you is like those of pen & paper, paint & brush. No art can be formed in the absence of one. You are my art and my artist too.

I have never seen anything as beautiful as you. I have never met a human as humane as you. You are elegant and you are wild. You are clam and fierce. When you make love you make me, you create me with every thrust of your pelvic I find a new shape, a new face, a new thought, a poetry for my heart.

So deep I desire you that now I do not want you to ever get out of me. You are my poetry, my prose and you are my Rose!


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